Have a look at my blog header- as you can see, I love to wear my hair straight! But alas, I was not blessed with naturally straight locks- my hair is coarse and when I leave it to dry on its own, I end up with frizz. So GHD straighteners have been my best friends for years.

Last week I tweeted about how awesome it was being a blogger sometimes. I didn’t share the reason why I think blogging is so awesome at the time, but it was actually because I’d just been offered some GHD straighteners to review! Their latest hair styler is the GHD Peacock Collection, and I got a lovely green pair!

It is hard not to giggle like a little girl when you are offered some new straighteners, but even harder not to sit and stroke the shiny fabric case they come in, when the package arrives! The luxury storage bag that the stylers come in is embroidered with a beautiful peacock feather design, and this part rolls out into a heat resistant mat so you can place your hot stylers down on your dressing table without burning the woodwork! Inside the mat is a zipped case where the straighteners are kept which has two parts- a bit for the styler and a bit for the cord.

My last pair of GHD straighteners also had a storage case, but what is new about this styler is that the straightener itself has a funky design with a black spot effect, the ceramic plates are coloured to match the styling bag and there is also a plastic cap that goes over the straighteners to keep the tongs together whilst travelling. This is a nice extra as the product is valuable so anything to help protect it is welcome if it keeps things newer for longer.

The on/off button on this styler has a GHD logo which illuminates when the device is on, which is much more attractive than the simple red light on the older models. This styler also beeps to signal when the styler is hot enough to use. I don’t know for sure, but I think that this styler also weighs less than my previous GHD straightener. It did seem to feel slightly lighter when I used it, but this could have been me. I was walking on air when they arrived so without weighing them both, I can’t be certain! But this straightener worked in exactly the same way as my other styler- it gave me the same result that I’m used to and I wasn’t disappointed.

I always tend to straighten my hair with my GHD’s but it is possible to create curls too. Here is a link to a video by Regis where the stylist shows you how to do a curl. I need to practise this more but it is nice to have some tuition!

An attractive product that produced an attractive result- it doesn’t get much better than this!

*Disclosure: I received a free GHD Straightener to review so I could write my thoughts. I’m a lucky, lucky girl!

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