A sunny afternoon, a lunch with a friend. I asked, “Where do you want to meet?” She said “Marmalade on the Square!”

This new cafe in the centre of Wakefield has been open for about five months and I was expecting a normal ‘run of the mill’ cafe. I didn’t anticipate the shabby chic, rustic but modern and bright atmosphere of Marmalade on the Square. It has a really nice feel to it – spacious, comfortable and airy. The tables are far apart enough to feel that our conversation was private, but when it got to 12pm those tables filled up quickly!

Here are some shots that I took as I got there early!

shop cafe

me and Sarah

afternoon tea

sewing machine



strawberry cupcake

if mama aint happy
French glass bottles



The next time I meet a friend for lunch in Wakefield, I know where I’ll be going!

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One Response to Marmalade on the Square

  1. Karla says:

    Looks lovely! I’ve just mentioned your book in a post on my blog actually :)

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