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Nadine Hill, JuggleMum as a Desperate Housewife!

Nadine Hill, JuggleMum as a Desperate Housewife!

I was at CybHer 2012 at the weekend and it was awesome. Not just for the hints and tips I got on blogging, info to help me with my WordPress design, inspiration from the keynote speakers and the many bloggers I connected with on the day….. but also because that through this conference, I became one of the cast of Desperate Housewives!

Isn’t this picture great! I even had on my red shoes so I matched their outfits a little!! This is one of my favourite shows on TV so to get a picture with me in the middle of it was great! I tweeted this from the day, but to see all my tweets on the event, check out and I used the hashtag #CybHer

CybHer was the first all inclusive female blogging conference – by ‘all inclusive’ I mean that it wasn’t just for mummy bloggers or foodies – it was for all bloggers whether it be fashion, beauty, travel, crafts etc. I can’t wait to see how it grows next year- the great thing about all the blogging conferences is that I went to the first ones so I get to see how they develop year on year!

The website for this one is www.CybHer.com and I’ll be checking out what my fellow bloggers had to say about CybHer through the linky that is no doubt circulating as we speak!

Well done to Sian and the team for a fab day and pages of notes for me to action!!!

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