Yes, I’m aware that sounds like a saucy innuendo, but really this is a post about carpet cleaning!

Amongst the emails filling my Inbox recently was an invitation to test out the carpet cleaning powers of the Rug Doctor which is a machine that you can hire to clean the carpets and upholstery in your home.  As a busy household with two cats and two kids, my carpets were in need of some TLC.  I have hired someone in the past to clean my carpets-  local man who has an industrial cleaning machine but doing it myself with the Rug Doctor system is half the price that he charged!

Basically, Rug Doctor has more than 2,800 outlets across the UK where you can hire a machine.  You can go to their website ( to find your nearest stockist.  Then you just take along two forms of ID to rent the machine, and the fee.  It costs about £23 to hire the machine for 24 hours then you need to purchase the detergent. A one litre bottle is around £10 and is enough to clean two rooms.  Rug Doctor also has special cleaning sprays such as  red stain remover, urine eliminator, odour remover and traffic lane cleaner to target specific problems on your floors.  It sounds gross but I chose to try the urine eliminator as we had an ‘incident’ where we installed a new cat flap and had to train the kitties to use it to go outside and pee.  I’d taken away the litter trays to encourage this and whilst one cat was a good boy and took straight to the cat flap to go outside, the girl cat decided to pee in the corner on my carpet instead!  Thankfully she knows to use the cat flap now!

Here is my carpet before where the cat left her mark:

Here is my carpet after:

All my furniture is not where it should be on the picture but at least the carpet is clean!  Why I ever thought it a good idea to have cream carpets with young children I have no idea!

It took about two days for my carpet to fully dry out which is longer than the detergent bottle said it would!  Maybe I was just really thorough because I did go over the carpet a few times to ensure it was deep cleaned and the colour of the water I threw away was disgusting.  I can tell the carpet had a really good clean and the whole room feels fresher now.  You can see what dirt was extracted by the state of my plug afterwards!

I would definitely rent a Rug Doctor machine again. I like to deep clean the carpets about once a year because I don’t like the thought of bacteria in the pile.  Even though it is easier to pay the local chap to clean the carpets- you can’t beat a half price saving plus it is good exercise!!

Thank you to Rug Doctor who allowed me a free machine rental on this occasion as well as a free detergent and Urine Eliminator. I’m happy with my spring clean!!


For more info on Rug Doctor please visit their website


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  1. Melanie says:

    Well, I’m glad you had reasonably good results with this product, but the key is more the quick action than the product itself. A cat urine stain can be cleaned fairly easily by even clear water – IF it is discovered and attacked quickly. But even the most seasoned professional carpet cleaner will have difficulty with a set-in stain. In the long run, a professional cleaning, followed by an application of quality carpet protector will save you more money than you spend on this retail product.


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