Mum, Renewed!

The summer holidays have been fun so far with days out swimming, picnics, playdates and so on but our thoughts turned to ‘back to school’ today as we had a project to do from the guys at ASDA!

George at ASDA is running a ‘Little Designers’ competition and we were keen to enter! The George range contains a big selection of school uniform pieces and I have had to buy new uniform separates for both my children this holiday, but our project involves a blank backpack to decorate with some fabric crayons and paints to create a fun holdall for school gear.

Here is the stuff we got in the post to help us create our entry:
blank backpack to decorate

…And this is what my daughter turned the blank bag into!









She plans to use it for her PE kit when she is back at school. I thought she did a lovely design that demonstrates her personality – sunny, colourful and bright. If you like her design, do leave us a comment below. She would love to hear what you think of it…

The George promise for their school uniform is their strapline – ‘Chosen By Mums; Tested By Kids; Guaranteed By George’ which is reassuring.  I want to thank George at ASDA for the three pieces of school uniform that they sent me along with the backpack to write this post.

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