BritMums recently sent us some crafty stuff for their ‘#ColourMeInRK’ project with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies!

It was so we could do what the kids on the new Rice Krispies TV ad do and colour in the special box, which is a morning’s activities sorted during this long school holiday. Here are my childen getting started:

The bumper colouring case contained 58 different pens, pencils, glitter glues and markers so we could decorate the characters on the Rice Krispies box and my daughter especially has claimed the box as ‘hers’ and carries it with her everywhere! My son is more into the Rice Krispies so it was a good compromise.

This is the kids working on their masterpiece:

All finished! (Aren’t they the cutest kids ever?!)

There were 100 mummy bloggers who were invited to participate in this activity, so you can see what everyone else did at the linky here.

This post is my entry for the BritMums #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kellogg’s. I’m hoping to win one of the following prizes: £500 cash (yes please!), a year’s supply of Rice Krispies (very welcome!) or one of ten personalised T shirts showing our entry (this would be good but as I have two children, only one T shirt would be unfair so better make it an ‘XL’ size and I’ll give it to their dad!)

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  1. Lovely effort Nadine! ;)

    Karin @ Cafe Bebe


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