When I was a little girl, we used to visit my Grandma and she had a jar containing buttons.

She had spares to use on clothing repairs, pretty ones that I used to enjoy looking at, practical ones for boring shirts, unusual shaped ones, buttons in pretty colours, fabric ones, plastic ones, wooden ones, toggles, she had the lot, and I used to spend hours playing with her buttons.

This was in the days before Nintendo DS consoles and iPads, there was nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon when you were 9 and had to visit Grandma.  Her buttons were my entertainment.  But I used to love them.

Now I have my own jar of buttons.  As a woman keeping a busy home, I’m mindful of waste and thrift so I have my own jar to facilitate my clothing repairs.  Will anyone ever find as much joy in my buttons as I did in my Grandma’s?  I’m not sure but it’s kind of nice to know that we are similar sort of women, and we have our jars of buttons.

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