Today my kids, their pals and all us mums got together to drive out to Bradford where Morrisons was hosting a summer play park event. It is on tomorrow (Tuesday) too incidentally, if you are in the area!

Here is what it looked like as I walked up…
Morrisons Play Park, Bradford

The idea behind it was to allow Morrisons to showcase their M Savers range of foods, and to help mums entertain their kids during the long school holiday for free! The event was free to attend and there were activities to choose from such as wind chime making and cloud decorating! We tried to get into a workshop but as they had limited places, we were too late so get your child’s name down early if there is one you particularly want. The workshops take place approximately every 90 minutes so we didn’t want to wait for the next one and went off to have lunch instead.

Morrisons had decked out an ice cream van to be their picnic van! The kids and I were able to go and get a free ham or cheese sandwich and a water or orange juice carton from the van and eat them at the picnic tables. It was really nice to have food provided, I also noticed a ‘sun lotion station’ there too where you could lotion up with the bottles supplied but it wasn’t a particularly sunny day so we didn’t bother. Here is the picnic van with my friends’ head in the foreground!

Morrisons Picnic Van

The ‘M Savers Summer Play Parks’ are touring the UK and are a partnership between Morrisons and Play England. You can see the list of venues here. This event is particularly suited for parents with kids of the 7 and under age range. Between me and my two friends we had six children, and it was the two under seven’s who had the most fun in the play park and the most to do. The over seven’s got bored quite quickly but I think it would have helped if they could have gotten into a workshop!

Fortunately nearby in the City centre, there was a dancing water feature where all the kids were running and splashing in so even though we didn’t have swimwear to hand, the kids all stripped off and went running round in this for half an hour which entertained them all!
splashing kids

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