Last night I took mum to the cinema.  I’d got some free cinema tickets through the Sky Rewards website for a screening of ‘Friends With Kids’.  It was a great film- really funny and we both enjoyed it.  I get free tickets quite regularly, either through ‘member offers’ like the Sky scheme, or through sites like See Film First and whenever I do, the person I take with me is mum.

We also like to play bingo.  The past few years have seen a bit of a decline in attendance at the local bingo hall.  The smoking ban had a massive impact, then the rise in online bingo sites have meant that less people go to the actual ‘eyes down’ sessions, but it is still a good night out when we do go – although the prize jackpots are less now than they used to be!

I think it is true that as a girl, when you are growing up you distance yourself from your mum a bit, you need to – to get the space you need to become who you are, but when you are done growing, you come back to your mum and want to spend time with her again.  I do. I love to have the odd night out with mum and hope that when my daughter grows up if she gets free cinema tickets the person she chooses to take with her is me!

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