Those of you that have ever shed a massive amount of weight will understand my excitement.  Look at my new top!  I went shopping in the sales and it has been ages since I’ve bought new clothes so I had plenty to try on.  But imagine my absolute delight when I was able to fit into size twelves!!  To give you some context, I bought a top in a size 24 three years ago and at that point swore that I’d never get anything else in a 24.  My size 22 trousers were starting to get tight and I wasn’t about to buy bigger so I turned things around.

I started exercising and watching what I ate and doing this enabled me to shift a stone and a half in about 18 months.  But then I hit a plateau, so in January this year I joined Slimming World and learned new ways to cook, new things to try and got the support I needed to shed a further stone and a half.  I still have more to lose, but I’m determined to get there and I’ve started using a SlimPod too- this helps me to mentally prepare for what I’m going to do the next day, as I listen to the podcast each night.  With a combination of my exercising, my healthier eating through what I’ve learned at Slimming World  and my brain training that I’m getting via the SlimPod, I will be a size 12-14 by my holidays.

The tops I bought in a size 12 this week are all lycra based and therefore stretch.  I am currently wearing a size 16 comfortably, but it is sure nice to have my clothing range from a size 12, 14 and 16 rather than a size 20, 22 and 24 as I did three years ago.

I’ll be wearing this gold Jasper Conran cardigan this weekend at BritMums Live, so if you see me in it, give me a ‘thumbs up’ and say “Size 12″ if you know how proud I’ll be feeling!

Disclosure: I was given free access to the SlimPod to do a blogger review in May but it is so good I’m still using it now.

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