The long summer holidays from school are over and we’ve had days out, a weekend break, playdates and plenty of action packed hours here and there, so it was nice to cuddle up on the sofa and finally have a quiet movie night in.

Warner Bros. have a great selection of cartoons and they sent us the classics from my own childhood – ‘Tom & Jerry Adventures’ (everyone loves a good cat & mouse chase!) and ‘Bugs Bunny & Friends’ to enjoy.  But the way I watched the cartoon capers was nothing like my own 1970′s childhood,  these days, kids can watch their cartoons on Digital DVD with UltraViolet!

Here are my kids enjoying some role play as the characters…


UltraViolet is the latest advance in home entertainment.  It basically allows you to ‘future proof’ your film collection, so if discs get scratched, snapped or drawn on by kids (this has happened to us many times), you can still watch the film over again.

When my daughter was young she adored Shrek but would scratch the discs by messing with them and we ended up buying 3 copies of the same movie, so this new development is a great way to save money on your collection.  You can also stream and download the film to a huge range of devices meaning you can pretty much watch the film anywhere on anything! This is particularly useful if you are travelling with kids – just load up the iPad, laptop or even your smartphone with movies and you don’t even need to take the disc.

The kids loved watching the slapstick fun, we loved the “Whassup Doc’s” and rooted for Jerry against Tom and it was really nice to see my 9 and 5 year old laughing and enjoying simple fun.  A chill out night every once in a while is just what I need after all that running around this summer!

For more information on UltraViolet and a handy video, see the UltraViolet website:

Thank you Warner Bros. for the DVDs.

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2 Responses to The Movie Night In, Warner Bros. Review

  1. Circus Mum says:

    oooh I got an ultraviolet dvd at Britmums, Princess is also good at scratching her favourite dvds and this comes in handy! Also, we travel quite a bit so being able to watch things on the iPad rather than carting around dvds is a Godsend.

  2. Nadine says:

    Thanks for your comment Tinuke! It’s a nightmare when the kids scratch all the DVDs isn’t it?!! Bring on the technology!!


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