I was cleaning my daughter’s room and found a piece of paper under her bed that had on my signature, my mum’s signature and my son’s name writing practise. (He’s only 5 so he doesn’t have a signature yet!)

I remember my daughter asking for my autograph a while back. Now I know why.

She’d written a heading at the top of the paper.  It read:

“Autographs That No-one Wants”.


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2 Responses to Well That Told Me!

  1. Your signature will come in handy to her though. My son forged my signature on his first day at secondary school, so he could continue to sign things without having to ask me.

    Good initiative.

  2. Nadine says:

    haha very true Terry!
    Good thing I’m one step ahead of her – I confiscated the paper!
    Thanks for commenting:-)


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