A lot of things come through our letterbox, but nothing usually as tasty as this!

My step-father turned 77 yesterday and we had a family birthday lunch for him! The birthday boy was both surprised and delighted when he opened up his letterbox cake and as a bonus, he also loved how tanned he looked on the photo!

My mum had organised a family lunch for ten people at a local carvery, and had invited us all back afterwards for coffee and chocolate cake to sing “Happy Birthday”! The only thing was she’d bought a large chocolate cake and didn’t fancy taking it to the restaurant with us to have him blow out a candles there, so when I turned up with my little letterbox cake, the problem was solved!

The cake was the perfect size to make a nice birthday gesture at the dinner, and afterwards, David could keep his cake for himself and share the large chocolate one with everyone else! It actually came in a round lidded tin with ‘Just for You’ embossed on the front which both looked impressive and exciting whilst keeping the cake inside secure. Not only did it arrive safely though the post in this tin (with an outer cardboard box where the address sticker went), the cake and tin also arrived unscathed after travelling from home to the restaurant in my mum’s giant handbag which is also a feat in itself!

the letterbox cake

Within the postal box we got the cake in its tin, and also a small packet containing a couple of candles and balloons and one of those party blowers which was a nice touch and really made things festive.

After the delicious three course meal, we unwrapped the cake and had the birthday boy pose for pictures! Here he is:
David's cake

To unwrap the cake you simply pull on the paper tab that is on top of the cake to lift it from the tin and once you can grab hold of the base, lift out the cake and remove the cellophane wrapper. Don’t worry- it does tell you what to do on the paper tab in case you were wondering!

My mum wanted to know where I’d got the photo of David from to use on the cake but it was a shot from our last holiday together where he was in the frame with my husband and brother and I simply cropped out David’s head and sent it to Baker Days – they did the rest! The ‘cut out’ his head from the cluttered background and put it onto the cake with a fresh lemon sugarpaste coating which is probably why David’s face looked tanned on the cake as it wasn’t on the original photo!

I knew that a cake coming through the letterbox would delight my Mum and David, but I didn’t expect it to arrive in a lovely presentation tin as it did. It really made it special and of course, he can keep the tin for a keepsake.

My Mum’s verdict was that ‘we made his day’ with that cake and it also made her life easier as she didn’t have to take her massive cake to the dinner!

All in all, a great result. The cake is the new ‘Letterbox Cake’ from Baker Days. (http://www.bakerdays.com/categories/personalised/birthdaycakes) The cakes cost from £14.99 and they can do next day delivery if you order before 2pm so it is easy to get those ‘last minute’ gifts! I would definitely use this company again when I want an unusual gift in a hurry!

Thank you to Baker Days for sending me a letterbox cake to review.

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