The end of a school term is a juggle fest for most mums. The kids have got their new classroom assignments and are looking toward the new school term, you have to meet the teacher, attend sports day(s), attend end of term concerts, graduations, parents evenings, school fayres, disco’s AND get your own workload under control so you can be freer to spend 6 weeks entertaining and amusing the kids. It is a busy time, so the last thing I needed was for my husband to break his finger playing contact sports and be out of action for a couple of months.

Today he is visiting the hand trauma unit to see if his operation last week was a success and getting his dressing changed, so I am on chauffeur duty, driving him to the hospital for his appointments and waiting around to collect him. My original plan for today was to have a desk day. I have so much admin to do and my desk is a mess, so I need to action things and then file them to bring back some order. But funnily enough, this ‘extra’ task on my list has been a good thing, forcing me to focus on the 7 or so things I have to do immediately, rather than getting distracted at home by the ironing or the phone ringing.

As I write this I’m sat in the car, in the car park at the hospital. I chose a parking space far away from the entrance so I wouldn’t be disturbed, and I brought along all my papers, my laptop, my phone, some snacks and drinks and a little cushion for my back, so I could sit sideways, cross legged on the driving seat and rest against the drivers door! In the two hours I’ve been here, I’ve had one person park their car right next to me (there’s always one isn’t there?! Even though it is obvious that I’ve parked away from everyone else for some peace) But other than that I’ve been undisturbed, I’ve made my phone calls, organised my folder, done my banking, ticked off several ‘To Dos’ and made diary notes for other things I have to achieve.

I have no wifi at this location but this hasn’t hampered me too much. I have written emails on a Word document to send, so they can be copied and pasted into an email once I have a connection, and I’m quite pleased at the amount of jobs I’ve completed. Let’s face it, there isn’t anything else for me to do here and I loathe having pockets of dead time where I cannot get some tasks done. So even though I’m busy, I’m focused- every cloud has a silver lining eh?

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