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I love being organised and tidy, especially around the home. I love organisation and order to such a degree that I even have a dedicated to it! Check out some of the storage solutions on that board- it’ll make you want to spend an afternoon blitzing your living room!!

I also love reading American craft blogs when I get a chance. The American bloggers seem to always have done something or made something that I want to make, and as they always post pictures on their blogs, I get a peek at their homes too. I find that American homes often are more spacious looking that our Brit homes, and it’s nice to look at a large well organised room!

I’ve picked up loads of organisation ideas from craft blogs and have recently started to put some of these ideas into practise. Have a look at my recent shelf project below:
office shelf beforeoffice shelf after

On the left is my office shelf ‘before’, and on the right is ‘after’. Can you see what I did? I had loads of paperclips and rubber bands milling around my desk, and I wanted somewhere to put them that wouldn’t be in the way so I took two glass jars out of my recycling box, washed them out and stuck the lids with superglue to the underside of the shelf! I had to prop up the jars underneath to support them whilst the glue dried, but after an hour or so it was ready to use! Free and easy storage for little nick nacks that would otherwise get in the way!

Another craft project I did a few months ago was updating an old laptray. I hadn’t seen this on a craft blog, but when you read them you become inspired to look at things around your home differently, and I decided to get creative one afternoon!

I’ve worked my way around the whole house in the last few months, but my next project is the bedroom. If I had unlimited funds, I’d build myself a walk in wardrobe with shelves for all the bedlinen and towels, because there is never enough space to store those things. I’d love to get a bed with storage drawers like ones from Silentnight who specialise in underbed storage, so this is on my list for when we have the budget to re-vamp things – clutter is best when it is hidden away!

Until then I will keep pinning pictures of neat and tidy storage solutions on my Pinterest boards, and getting inspired to do more crafty things around the house. I saw a project recently on an American blog where they submerged their trampoline in the garden, so it wasn’t raised on stilts, but at ground level so much safer. I liked this idea and how it looked – it’s a good job my husband is a builder, he doesn’t know it yet but this might be our next project! Wish me luck!

Disclosure: This post features sponsored content from Silentnight but the views are my own.

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