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The last few months have seen me taking full control of this house. I don’t just mean I have cleaned it from top to bottom, but I have re-organised, re-cycled, de-cluttered, mended, re-painted, re-located things, brought in new systems of organisation, planted flowers and vegetable seeds and created a crafts corner where I can keep all those empty packets, jars and swatches of fabric that just ‘might come in’ for something.

I have found old fashioned but effective (and cheaper!) ways to clean my home- from using denture tablets down the loo (to get rid of some hardened limescale that just looked grotty) to bicarb of soda sprinkled in the bottom of my kitchen bin so it doesn’t pong.

I have actually started using my composter which has been sitting empty in the back garden, judging me with its ‘too clean’ outward exterior, so you know it hasn’t been used. I’ve owned that damned composter for ten years – and now I am VERY PROUD to say that I’m actually using it! Plus I found a ceramic cream casserole dish with lid, on sale for half price so I bought it to use for the sole purpose of keeping my kitchen peelings, eggshells and old teabags in to take to the composter! It looks a lot prettier on my kitchen worktop than a carrier bag or bucket.

This house has become a home. A well functioning, well cared for, lived in, comfortable, well stocked, pleasant to live in home, and it became this when I became a professional housewife!

When finances became tight a few years ago, I started to find cheaper and more effective ways to run our household which included using technology like apps and websites to price compare food and using vouchers but also looking back into the past and the ways women used to manage. It has sparked an interest in me, in finding the best and most cost effective ways to do things. Looking for the value in the products I’m using, so whilst they might not be the cheapest, they are the best for my family.

I love blogging and through this blog I will share with you what I find, what methods work, what don’t, ideas for things you can make and do cheaply at home (did you see my recent post about updating a laptray?!) and the things I do within my home to make life better for my family.

I’ve always been a ‘‘, running a small business and doing freelance work, but I’ve taken the same business focus, eye for the bottom line and strategic thinking that I have used in my career to date and applied this to my home too. I have even created my own home ‘mission statement’ to remind me of what is truly important on those days when the small stuff seems to take over and you get caught up in minutia.

So whilst ‘home-making’ hasn’t been a particularly desirable career option for 30 something women in recent years, being lower in status than the long term unemployed, I’m now proud to say I’m a Professional Housewife, Mother, Stay At Home Mum. For me, this is the most rewarding career of all, and by blogging through it- it is creatively fulfilling too.

Share your own thoughts on how you run your home below…

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