Do you remember the comedy ‘Absolutely Fabuous’? It was one of my favourite things to watch when I was at fashion college, about to enter the world of fashion PR… just like the character Eddy!

I thought about it this week when I started working on this review of the Milk & More website because there is an episode where it is revealed that Eddy gets her food shopping at Harrods who deliver daily.

My husband’s gran will be 100 years old next month and she’s nothing like the characters in my favourite show, but I was chuckling because like Eddy, she can have daily food deliveries from Milk & More as she lives in their area!

The Milk & More service is run through your local milkman. As part of the Dairy Crest group, the service reaches 1.4 million UK homes and the areas they are servicing is expanding. They are a grocery shopping service who deliver fresh milk, bread, eggs and other groceries daily with free delivery and no minimum order.

I had a look around their website to see what kind of brands they carry and was pleased to see that the foods I usually buy from my supermarket are there. The Dairy Crest group also owns the brands Clover, Country Life Butter, Cathedral City Cheddar and Frijj. Like all the major online supermarkets, Milk & More has special offers, discounts and multi buy savings. They also currently have a prize draw on to win a Le Creuset kettle when you buy a pack of Kettle Chips, I didn’t expect the milkman to be able to offer that!

Milk & More website

You don’t even have to book a slot for delivery. Just order online and your shopping will be with you the next day in the morning, delivered by the milkman! You can have up to six deliveries a week so it is ideal for people like hubby’s gran who live alone and don’t need to shop in for a big family. She can have fresh food daily, paying the same High Street prices as she would if she went with one of the big supermarkets. The difference here is that they charge for delivery and Milk & More don’t plus with Milk & More you are invoiced monthly, so are not having lots of small amounts coming out of your account.

Services like this one are useful to know about for busy mums like me. If I need to ‘top up’ my big weekly shop, I can easily do this and for those ‘sandwich’ mums who are caring for elderly parents as well as a dependent family, you can knock another errand off your list by sorting out food for mum or dad online knowing they’ll get it in the morning by the same regular milkman!

The Milk & More account is managed online, so you can set up something regular or do a one off shop and manage your monthly payments and holiday dates. It’s the convenience and friendliness of the old fashioned milkman service that I remember from the 1970s combined with the 21st century advantage of efficiency and scale.

So Eddy from Ab Fab would say that ‘the 70s are back’, and even though she meant fashion, in this case… she’s right!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review of the Milk & More website. All opinions are my own.

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