My 10 year old daughter who is at Junior School was presenting her business idea at a Dragon’s Den panel at the local High School one evening, and hubby and I took our son along to watch.

She has worked within a team on this class project to come up with an idea for an innovative new product and her classmates had prepared a short presentation and demonstration to get the ‘Dragon’s (ie: some teachers and the local Councillor) to part with some money to make the idea a reality!

Junior School Dragons Den

It was all for grades and assessment rather than to physically put into production, but it was all taken very seriously and there was even a ‘text vote’ to award one team with the highest audience vote, a prize in the ceremony that happened after the presentation.

I was so proud of her- she loves business, as I do, and is a confident presenter. But going back to the High School that hubby and I had left 22 years earlier as a new couple, turned us both back into sniggering 16 year olds, as we walked up the path to the main school office!

We had parked up and were heading for the entrance with arms linked and our boy and girl striding in front of us. As the school door got closer, I turned to him and said “Oh my God! We are respectable!” The last time we were in that building we were spotty yoofs! I had a rolled up waistband on my skirt and he wore his rugby team’s shell suit jacket with his name embroidered on the front of it- the one that he gave me to wear when we were officially ‘going steady’, because this is what you do when you are 15 and 16 you see!

Nadine & Simon young

Going back to High School made us laugh. We weren’t allowed to walk round holding hands at that school 22 years ago but no-one could stop us now! But the one thing that we noticed above everything else?

The school hall smells exactly the same!

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