I feel like time travel has been invented because I’m back at my desk after a few days away and it feels as though I’ve been away for weeks.

I’ve just come back from BritMums Live 2013 and it was a truly awesome experience. I saw old friends and made new ones, listened to entertaining and inspirational speakers, mingled with brands in The Hub and had a laugh with the techy guys when I went to the Visit Orlando stand and made this video!

I know it is slightly manic- and I have a rollercoaster going into my head as I didn’t duck in time but it made me smile, and hopefully you too!

You can read what other bloggers are saying about this year’s event at this linky, but in general it was about smiles, fun, hugs, applause, support and connecting.

Here is one of my favourite parts of the whole weekend:
Me & Katie Piper

Katie Piper was the keynote speaker on the second day and she had me captivated. She was inspirational, and if you didn’t well up after hearing about the suffering she’d been through in her story, you certainly did when she read out her message of hope. It is no doubt that she was a beautiful woman before her cruel attack, but after hearing her speak and seeing pictures of her during her recovery, it would be safe to say that I think she’s even more beautiful as the woman she is now. Her beauty shines from the inside, and I couldn’t help myself from admiring her ability to remain composed during her speech and applaud her success in reclaiming her life and refusing to be a prisoner, living under threat and fear. I bought her book which she signed and have read most of it already, and I’m planning to find her TV show online to watch this weekend, as I didn’t see it when it aired the first time.

The BiB Awards were fantastic this year. I was a Finalist in the Video category and unfortunately didn’t win but I’m so pleased for Ruth at Geekmummy who did! I was also over the moon that my friend Kirstie from the Family Adventure Project won the Travel Blogging award, and have been laughing ever since at her where she’s taking the award on the tube and rock climbing! She’s barking mad- but this is exactly why we get on so well!

This year’s event had a warmth to it that I didn’t feel last year. The Brewery was buzzing with bloggers for two whole days and it was a well organised, informative and fun event.

Part of every blogger conference is the goody bag at the end – here is mine from this year!
BritMums Live Goody Bag

It’s nice to get home after two days of chatting and business card swopping to share out the loot between my two kids – even if I have to carry it 200+ miles back to Yorkshire!

If you missed it this year, maybe I’ll see you at the next one… tickets are already on sale!

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3 Responses to On A High After BritMums Live!

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  2. kirstie says:

    Great post. You get out of these things what you put in; that’s probably why you had a good conference!

    You’re a pretty inspirational speaker too. And I’m so buying your book. My third kindle has crashed and burned(is that why they call them fire, because they do that all the time?) but the first book on my fourth will be yours. Good holiday reading. Last year E L James, this year N.Hill. Is there a red room of pain anywhere in it I wonder?

  3. Nadine says:

    Thanks Kirstie!
    I’m honoured to be the first book on your next Kindle!! But I have to say… there is no red room of pain in my book- sorry to disappoint! However you will find out how to carve out plenty of time to write- so maybe you’ll create your own masterpiece including a red room of pain?!!

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