Today as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® my family and I had a swingball tournament in the garden, drinking Coke as refreshment, inspired by the current tennis action at Wimbledon!

Yesterday we watched the world No1 Novak Djokovic playing and enjoyed all his energy exertion from the comfort of our sofa! It was a lazy day at home so were were all in ‘chilling’ mode, but after an inactive day yesterday, I got up for an early run this morning and when I got back, the kids wanted to play swingball!

mum & kids swingball

As you can see, I’m not very good at it! So I left the experts to it- my hubby is a worthy opponent for my feisty daughter!
swingball tournament

She showed me how it’s done!
i love swingball

All this swingball is thirsty work!
thirsty work!

Coke have launched a new website, the Coke Calculator where you can see the calories in your favourite Coke drinks and work out what activities you need to do to work them off!

Playing tennis for 21 minutes works off a can of Coke but as I drink Diet Coke, I didn’t need to work off my drink at all! I had however already got a run in the bank earlier in the day, so at least I’m ahead! I went out yesterday to buy some snacks and drinks of Coke in preparation for a more active day today. As we were having a low key day, I stayed local and went to the shops in my small town for everything I needed. You can see my shopping trip in my Google + album .

Wimbledon just wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries so even though our swingball tounament in the garden isn’t exactly Centre Court, we still wanted to join in with the festivities!
strawberries & ice cream
muller & strawbs

The glass above shows my strawberries with some frozen yogurt- a low cal alternative to ice cream. It is a trick I learned from my Slimming World group- put a Muller Greek Style yogurt in the freezer and it is just like ice cream! I only have to count half a Syn for this treat!

The tennis / swingball was great fun but after my daughter won game, set and match against her Dad, the kids ended up where they always end up after a day in the garden…. The trampoline!

kids on trampoline

I really enjoyed doing something topical for this post and will be enjoying Wimbledon even more as we get nearer to the Final. Maybe I can persuade Collective Bias to let me do another topical post inspired by Glastonbury this time. I’d enjoy creating an ‘at home’ festival!!

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4 Responses to Anyone for Swingball?

  1. Emma T says:

    I love swingball – my brother and I were great at it when we were kids although a bit strong as we got through several. The version nowadays doesn’t feel as robust, but looking forward to N growing a bit so we can play it together.

  2. Louise says:

    We got the Swingball out too – I need to practice!

  3. You do look a little scared in that first picture!

  4. Nadine says:

    Thanks for your comments Emma, Louise and Jo!
    I’m not as good at swingball as I used to be- when I was a kid I was pretty good but must have lost that co-ordination as I’ve got older!
    I was a little scared in the picture Jo- the ball was flying at me!!


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