Celebrating My Child’s Success

Have you ever seen the Real Housewives of New York? Bethenny’s phrase at the start of the show is “New York City is my playground”, well the less glamorous school run is mine.

I rock up each morning usually wearing a gym kit so I can speed off to the gym, or on my desk days when I have work to do, I am still in something Dri Fit as I’m usually running to school and back to squeeze in my fitness. I have a Radio Flyer wagon that I pull the kids along in do they don’t have to run alongside me, and it gives me a good workout to pull them along. So basically I’m never glamorous looking on the school run!

But this week I was prancing around Leeds in my smart little outfit, having a meetings! It feels like AGES since I’ve had a business meeting that wasn’t over the phone, conference call or webinar. On those occasions, I can still get away with wearing no make up as they can’t see me, so I was quite excited to get some grown up clothes on and apply lipstick! Here is a photo I got some poor, unsuspecting office bloke on a fag break to take for me as I jaunted off to my meeting.
Leeds is my playground! Businessmum

I’m just relieved that because of all the sport I do when I’m not at meetings, that my meeting clothes from years ago still fit!!

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