Halloween is coming soon, one of the few occasions in the year when you can dress up in costume and ‘be’ someone else for a few hours – even someone scary. My kids have already chosen their Halloween costumes, and it makes me laugh as they’ve chosen exactly who they are!
kids in fancy dress costumes

The costume on the left is ‘Frankie Stein’! Sassy, smart and full of attitude! The stripy hair gets swished, the checked dress and star belt are cool enough to make a pre teen girl feel ‘fashiony’ whilst being scary and it isn’t too ‘grown up’ for me! It cost £17.99 for the dress, belt and tights and the stripy wig is £8.99. The costume on the right is Super Mario! It costs £19.99 for the jumpsuit with mock T shirt, hat and moustache.

My daughter is just starting to take an interest in fashion and has become more ‘girly’ of late, wanting to wear ear-rings and swishy dresses. The Frankie Stein outfit reminded me of something from one of her favourite TV shows, ‘The Wizards of Waverley Place’, and just seemed to suit her perfectly. My boy doesn’t have a scary bone in him. Whilst other boys his age love to jump out and scare, or run around with a pretend axe as it’s Halloween, my lad wanted to be a video game! He’s a gentle soul and being a cartoon hero suits him perfectly so this is as spooky as he’ll get this Halloween.

We got these Halloween costumes from Fancy Dress Ball to review, and I was impressed with the quality- especially of the girls dress. It had a zipper fastening which is unusual for fancy dress. Our other costumes that we have at home having accumulated over the years usually have small velcro patches to fasten them up at the back so the zip was a nice touch.

My son’s costume needed hemming as he has little legs but the best part according to him was the hat! If I had a criticism, it’s that we couldn’t work out how to apply the moustache part of the costume at first. It comes with a white plastic backing like sticky backed plastic, and when we peeled it off, we might have been a bit heavy handed and we took off the sticky portion too so it seemed like the ‘hair’ bit of the moustache didn’t stick. We soon realised our mistake and fixed the ‘tache so it could be stuck on my son’s face, but it could be tricky to re-use the ‘tache too many times.

Other than that, both kids loved their costumes and will be wearing them on October 31st this year! Plus, if you want to make some Halloween masks and other spooky things of your own, Kodak has got some free printables that you can access !

Disclosure: We were sent two free costumes to review.

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