I hate waste but I had two spoons in my drawer that were looking tatty and old so I turned them into something beautiful and useful!  Have a look at my new bathroom door hooks.

pink spoon hookHere is the other one…

black spoon hookThe spoons were what was left from a bistro cutlery set I’ve had for 15 years, and the plastic handle that wrapped around the spoon shaft was chipped and dirty. I didn’t want to throw away the spoon so I levered the plastic off and found that the metal part had three pre-drilled holes where the plastic had been fastened, so I thought it would make a perfect door hook!


I bent the spoon top over then put screws through the holes to attach to the door.  Then I found a couple of pre-made sequin motifs in my sewing box and put them onto the spoon with superglue.  Simple as that!  It took about 20 minutes to complete the job from start to finish and now I have two new door hooks for my bathroom towels.  I would have had to pay a few quid each for new hooks in a store and these were free!

I’m looking round the house with eagle eyes now to see what else can be transformed!


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