Have a look at my birthday party circa 1979/ 1980:

my birthday party

I love that I have this picture.  It’s nice to look back and see the fashions, who was there, what my cake looked like and just the ‘seventies-ness’ of it!  I’m thankful that my mum loved to take pictures.  These days she still likes to get a good shot.  We’ve even complained about it before, when we were at an event or on holiday and mum insisted on getting a photo before we could enjoy the buffet or jump in the pool.  We’d say “Oh, do we have to?!”

But I’m glad she got the shot, as now I can look back and remember.

This is why I write this blog.

My children will know what we did in their childhood because I’ve recorded and preserved it all here for them to see.  It is a digital time capsule for them to look back on.  They’ll read the funny things they’ve said – little things that we’d have forgotten had I not blogged about it.  They’ll laugh at the old fashioned decor of our home which is in the background of the shots.  It’s not old fashioned now, but I expect it will look it in 20 years time.

They’ll laugh at my hair and ask why I had it red when I’m naturally brown.  They’ll laugh at each other’s funny childish faces, with those plump soft cheeks that I love to kiss and stroke.

My babies are 9 and 5 today; when they read this post who knows how old they’ll be?  But when they do I want them to know that I love and adore them and I thank God every day for them.  I hope that I’m doing a good job of making memories for them.  Only time will tell what they will say about their childhood, but  I’m determined that they are surrounded by love and that we have lots of good times together.

The time really does go so fast.  It’s modern life to have to juggle when we are working women, but it’s also important – more important to take the time out to just ‘be’, and spend time with your children.

Whatever time we spend, I know I’ll blog about the big things, as well as the little things right here in my digital time capsule.

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  1. Helen (SaveEveryStep) says:

    It will be no surprise to you to know how I feel on this subject. If only I could persuade the rest of the population to save their memories! Life’s a journey, SaveEveryStep!!!


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