Last month I…

  • Wore a mini skirt to supervise my kids at the school Valentines Disco! I was having a slim day and had no other opportunity to dress up!
  • Watched my husband celebrate his birthday – we are now the same age again, for another 6 months till I go one figure up!
  • Spent two weekends alone with the kids after hubby took off on a rugby camp… then a stag weekend
  • Enjoyed school Half Term where my kids and I visited the National Railway Museum, had playdays out, and got treated to Sunday Lunch by Grandad
  • Downloaded Taylor Swift’s latest song and enjoyed singing it in the car- much to the horror of my 10 year old daughter who says I can’t sing!
  • Started college again as a mature student! (LOL!) with my part-time course on Phtoshop!
  • Shifted 2lbs in weight- this makes a total of almost 4 stone so far.
  • But almost had a melt-down when I put back on 5lbs in one week!
  • Got reacquainted with my High School French penpal on Facebook
  • Sent 48 Tweets – it was a slow month!
  • Learned how to cook a fab sweet & sour chicken dish
  • Spent an enjoyable hour with my daughter in Waterstones browsing the books, reading the back covers, flicking through the pages and generally immersing myself in literature sat on the floor next to her, sat on the floor immersing herself in Jacqueline Wilson!
  • Felt like a private detective when I was able to source a will of a distant relative for a member of my family, who didn’t have anything other than their name and last known address.  Within an hour or so I had date of death, place of death, the obit announcement, how much the house was sold for and which solicitors dealt with probate.
  • Started enjoying Nashville on Channel 4, and watching Black Mirror from behind a cushion!
  • Took my daughter to her first Girl Guides meeting- oh my! How they grow quick. She was mingling with the 15 year olds within minutes of arriving (she’s 10) and loved every minute.

Looking back, it has been quite busy for a month with less days.  Bring on March- let’s have what you want to throw at me!

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