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**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: FM Transmitter for iPod & iPhone by Mobile Fun
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Price: £19.99
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: This accessory fits the iPhone, iPod nano G4, iPod Touch G2. I have an iPod – not sure what spec but an old one!! However my husband has an iPhone and we could use it with that too! This transmitter charges the iPod whilst in use too.

Initial Thoughts: At first I wondered if I was putting the device in right as it needed a good shove to get into the cigarette lighter! However once it was in, it sat nicely so I could mount my iPod into the cradle and figure out the next step! I had to get my husband to show me how to find the frequency on the in car radio, but once I’d had my ‘lesson’, I was away! I loved being able to access my iPod playlists in the car as I have built lists for myself but also my children onto my iPod, so we could listen to Camp Rock or Hannah Montana when they were in the car but then I’d switch to some Eminem or Tinie Tempah when they’d got out!

I Liked: How we could use it with both my iPod and my husbands iPhone so we could both have ‘our’ music on, when we were driving! Makes for less arguments over the radio!! Plus the sound quality is good whilst you are driving and you can change the volume through the car radio which made things easier!

I wasn’t Keen: The only downside was how long it took me to figure out how to get it in the car and find the frequency, but this could just be me!! My hubby got it sorted within minutes, but it did take me a play with it before I gave in and asked for his help! You’d probably be ok!!

Overall: If you are looking for iPod Touch accessories that would make excellent Christmas presents, then this is a fabulous product and definitely something to get for those ‘hard to buy’ for people! It is something quite different too so you wouldn’t risk duplicating presents with anyone else!

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