I would love an actual money tree. Imagine being able to go into your backyard and peel off a twenty when you are short on cash! But if you think about it, money does grow on trees. Notes are made of paper and paper is made from trees!!

If only cash were that easy to come by, but my daughter has done well recently. She found a folded up fiver on the floor in town. She just spotted it and picked it up! I haven’t found money like that for years. I once found a tenner and thought it was a fortune – I must have been about 14 at the time, but we’re all a lot more careful with our money these days aren’t we?

It’s a tough time finance wise for a lot of people at the moment, a dear friend went through an IVA last year and the stress of it all made 2012 a difficult year for her so companies like Debt Free Direct are useful to know about as they can help you talk through options and find a solution to debt problems and ease that stress.

With the New Year being a time that we make resolutions, sorting out finances is often one of them and I’ve made a start on getting my financial house in order this year. It started with a massive clear out of old clothes and toys which helped brilliantly with my clutter, but also made some money on eBay. I’ve also reveiwed the other options with the car and home insurance policies rather than auto renewing because lethargy can cost us if we are not careful, and I’ve done a business plan to track my work finances so I can be where I want to be businesswise in 2013.

It’s not quite as easy or appealing as having a money tree but it’s not a bad start!

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