The best thing about shifting a lot of weight is all the shopping that you get to do!
This can also be a negative thing too because clothes cost money, and I don’t know about you but when I don’t have any, I seem to see loads of clothes that I want but when I do have cash, there is nothing in the stores!

So far I’ve lost more than 4 stones in weight. It has taken me three and a half years so I’m not the fastest, but at least this way it will stay off. I have however, gone down 6 dress sizes- that’s amazing when I read it back, I can hardly believe it but I’ve been able to re-discover clothes I had years ago that now fit once again and get into clothes that other people have given me along the way, which were too tight before. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe!

A couple of years ago I purchased a suede skirt in the sales for a quarter of the original price, and I put it away to slim into. I wouldn’t normally do this but it was such a bargain and I was determined to lose weight, and last week I finally got into this skirt. Trouble is, I didn’t realise how short it actually is when on, so I think I’ll need to lose a bit more weight to get in it and wear leggings underneath!

At Slimming World a couple of weeks ago I got into my ‘new number’ – a weight range on the scales that I’ve never been before, and the last number I need to pass through before I get to my target weight where I’ll stay forever. This called for a celebration, and as so many of my clothes are getting too baggy to look good, I’m currently updating my new spring look. I’m starting with a jacket as I’m so tired of wearing my large woollen coat that all this wintry weather has called for, but I still want to be warm. The warm quilted jackets at New Look are fab. I love this biker style one that is both fashion forward and looks warm, and this will instantly update the rest of my clothes.

All I need to do now is tackle my jeans, tops and dresses! Fortunately I don’t need to update my handbags or shoes- I bought plenty of those when I was a big girl, because they always fit!

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