I wish I could say I got it free like they do on the American TV show, Extreme Couponing. But I snagged this lot:

supermarket shoppingAt a 65% discount thanks to savvy shopping and my coupons!

couponsWith multibuy deals in the store and my coupons worth almost £13, my total amount came down to less than a tenner.  I always do the ASDA Price Guarantee after I shop there because I love it when they confirm I can have a coupon.  If I ever see a receipt that someone has thrown away that can be used in the price guarantee, I pick it up and give it a try.  Waste not want not! Besides, why leave money on the table if you don’t have to!  The receipt needs to have at least 8 different items on it to qualify, so some discarded receipts won’t work but it is worth checking and at the very least I’m tidying away litter.

After this shop I went online to see if I could claim a further coupon for this spend, but apparently this shopping was 10% cheaper than their competitors so I couldn’t. Maybe next time!

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