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We’ve talked about growing our own veg for a while and my husband’s Nanna has even given us a few books on what to grow and when, to get us started. (“Thanks Nanna!”)

A month ago I wanted to get the children excited about vegetables, and so I asked each of them to make a list of what they wanted to grow. My daughter is a brilliant veg eater- she will try anything and has a varied palate. My son on the other hand, really dislikes veg- but the annoying thing is that he’s never actually knowingly tasted any!

He had pureed veg in the weaning stage and loved it all but once he grew into a toddler and learned that he could exercise his own free will, he has avoided fruit and veg- saying he “doesn’t like them!” So this veg plot is my sneaky way of trying to get him excited about food and where it comes from. I want him to grow something from a seed then taste it himself after he has nurtured it and harvested it in the summer.

Last weekend we hit the garden centre and bought some top soil, seeds, a propagator and some brightly coloured kids garden tools in preparation and today we have dug out the plot, marked out everyone’s areas and planted the seeds.
Here are the kids digging:

Here is my husband with our son, checking where to plant!

A new book came out last month called “Grow Your Own For Kids!” by the Royal Horticultural Society, and I was sent a copy which was great timing for my veg plot! The book is aimed at children and features lots of photographs of kids digging, planting, caring for and eating the veg they have grown. It was easy to get my son interested in making his own plot when he could see boys of his age doing the same in the book.

We found the book really useful when it came to the snails we had in our plot. I knew that worms were good, but I didn’t know that snails were damaging to our crops as they will eat the seedlings, but when we saw that written in the book, we all promptly re-homed the snails to under the trampoline where they were away from the plot and could do no harm! The book is published by Mitchell Beazley and costs £12.99 for a hardback, and well worth a look for budding children gardeners! It .

Here is my son with the book:

Now all they need is watering, sun and time so I will let you know how we get on later in the year.

Have you ever tried to grow your own at home? If you have any tips for me, share in the comments below!

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