Lately we’ve been at the mercy of the UK weather.  Having snow and ice on the run up to Easter, the weather says it’s winter but the clocks say it’s summer!

I’m always happiest when there is a bit of sunshine- it doesn’t even have to be warm, just sunny to lift my spirits, and I like to spend time outdoors, so I’d love to transform my garden to create a pleasant place to be, even when the weather is rainy.

Last year I attempted a garden makeover in March.  The weather was surprisingly pleasant for that time of year and we wanted to grow our own vegetables, but weeks after the seeds were planted, we had prolonged torrential rain which ruined our amateur efforts and the seeds yielded nothing.

This year I think the trick is to improve upon our hard landscaping, rather than stuff that can be destroyed in the rain and snow, and I love these verandas to keep the outdoor living area dry.  Yesterday I told you about our foodie friends that are visiting us this Easter, well they BBQ in all weathers.  We have been to see them in the dark of winter and still had a BBQ in the garden with our coats and scarves on!  Sometimes food just tastes better outside, doesn’t it?!  So something like that would be perfect for keeping us all dry and protecting the BBQ, whatever kind of summer we end up having.  Course, there are always rain awnings too, but I have to confess a liking for the veranda! Add a little outdoor lighting and we are all set!

There are times when I think I’d love to live in a warmer country, especially when I’m doing the school run in the ice or the heavens open just after I’ve styled my hair.  But on the whole I do love to live in England- it has some beautiful cities and peaceful countryside and of course all the family are here!  We just need to get a bit more creative about how we adapt the outdoors at home, so we can continue to enjoy the fresh air even when the Met office issue their weather warnings!

I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed for a beautiful summer this year, I think we all need one!

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