It’s so cute how my son is getting into the Skylanders. As he’s growing, some toys are being discarded in favour of ‘big boy toys’, and the Skylanders are deemed to be grown up enough to catch his interest! Probably because his 7 year old friend is into them too (my son is five!)


At the start of Half Term, we were sent this activity pack to keep the children entertained for the holiday. The day after this arrived we also got a Skylanders character- Chop Chop! (Thank you Shiny Red- the Skylanders PR Company!!)

The yellow bag went down well- it is the same size as his school reading folder so he has decided to make this his new schoolbag when we get back to school after the break!

The Skylanders are about to launch Swap Force later in the year, and here is the teaser trailer:

As you can see, being able to mash up the characters will mean limitless possibilities for the characters powers! This will make my son very happy but I suspect it’ll mean more toy clutter for me to have to pick up on the living room floor. Maybe Skylanders should create a Mamma Swap with octopus arms and a vacuum suction legs to scoop up all the bits and pieces! (if they do ever launch this, remember where you read the idea first!)

The activity pack from Skylanders was brilliant when we spent a day at home during the holidys, amongst the usual playdates and fun days out. It managed to keep the kids occupied on several occasions at least, and it has whetted my son’s appetite for the Swap Force launch later in the year. He is busy mastering the abilities of the figures he has got now, so he’s able to take on the infinite possibilities when the new guys launch!

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