…Or should that be ‘confessions of a mummy blogger?’

Here is what I put on my Facebook status update to clue you in….

“Oh the embarassment! Washer repair man has just had to cut free a pair of my knickers that had worked its way out of the drum and tangled up in the pump!”

It’s funny, the embarassing ones always get most ‘likes’!  But at least it isn’t as embarassing as the story he told me whilst at the house.  He’d just come from a job in the next town where he’d had to clean out the filter on a broken washer.  He found the cause of the problem- he pulled out a condom, in front of the mother and teenage daughter that were stood in the kitchen watching him!  They both looked at each other in horror. I can’t imagine the conversations that went on in that house once the repair man left!

My embarassment seems tame now!

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