We love an excuse to gather together on the sofa in our house and cuddle up with some popcorn, so I was delighted when we were sent a review DVD of Gambit- the new film starring Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman.

Gambit DVD

The movie is about an art curator (Firth) who works for a nudist, oddball, tyrant of a boss (Rickman) and hatches a plan to sell him a fake Monet painting, with the help of a rodeo queen (Diaz) so they can pocket millions.

Definition of ‘gambit’ in the dictionary: any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage, and there was plenty of advantageous play going on in the plot! The funniest bits involved Colin Firth ending up stood on a ledge outside The Savoy wearing no trousers as he’d snagged them climbing out of a window to steal a Ming vase. Then he climbs back through the window of a lone woman, pantless, as she opens the door to the hotel concierge who sees him stood there and thinks he’s there for the night (but she doesn’t actually know Firth is in the room – the concierge’s face is hilarious!)

The story progresses as the con is harder to pull off than they initially thought, but they must see it through to get their millions. It’s a fairly short film, about an hour and a half, so an easy watch when you want a lighthearted comedy to entertain you.

The kids enjoyed the bit where the lion started circling Firth but then Diaz lassoed it so he could switch paintings and there were plenty of laughs when Firth’s boss (Rickman) called him into a meeting in his office but he was wearing no clothes!!

I probably wouldn’t watch it twice but it filled a couple of hours and gave us an entertaining movie night.

Gambit is out on DVD and Blu-Ray 4 March 2013 courtesy of Momentum Pictures.

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