It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve had a lovely day so far, but the thing that brought the biggest smile to my face today wasn’t the flowers I got, or the breakfast in bed.  It wasn’t even my morning cuddle where I had a child under each arm, laid in bed together as we make time to do each day- although this came pretty close.  The thing that totally made my Mother’s Day 2013 was my son dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ with Bublé!

We’d gone out for Sunday Lunch to a local pub with a banqueting hall, where they served a special Mother’s Day four course dinner and put on some live music.  The musical entertainment was a guy we saw last year on Mother’s Day who was really good – a Michael Bublé tribute act, and we sang along and swayed whilst he sung all the Bublé favourites: Me and Mrs Jones, Hollywood, That’s Life, Sway, Haven’t Met You Yet, Cry Me A River etc.

Towards the middle of his second act he invited people up to dance, but no-one did at first.  I was feeling too full from the lovely dinner and didn’t fancy ending up on the floor- I’d had half a bottle of wine and was wearing heels for the first time in ages.  But my son got up and started doing some moves which the singer liked.  After he’d finished the song, he asked my boy if he knew ‘Gangnam Style’.  Let’s face it, ALL kids know ‘Gangnam Style!’ so he put on the song to sing us his live version of PSY! (This Bublé act also does Robbie Williams and Bruno Mars so he’s versatile!)

Check out my five year old boy busting some moves!

We’ve said it from him being a baby, this lad will end up on stage one day, he’s a natural born performer!  I’m just glad my daughter had her quick wits about her and whipped out the iPad to record the video.

I won’t forget this Mother’s Day in a hurry!

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