Once upon a time, a Yorkshire blogger went to the big city of London to a conference called CybHer. She was wearing her spangly top and skinny jeans, but underneath her bra and pants were nothing special.
Then, she met a handsome company called Freya who gave her a goodie bag and inside there was a card saying “Congratulations! You’ve won a lingerie set!” The Yorkshire blogger was very pleased, and her inner goddess was born!

It may sound like a fairytale but this did happen!   I was sent  my gorgeous lingerie set this week and it is stunning.

Here is a picture of the model wearing it: (I wasn’t brave enough to post a pic of me wearing it!)

Freya lingerieThe thing I like best about this set is the pretty colour.  When you have a large cup size like I do, it can be hard to find pretty bras in your size but this one goes to a G cup.  I felt delicious all day wearing it and just shows that you get a little boost when you know you are wearing something nice underneath, even though no-one else gets to see it!


Thank you to Freya Lingerie for this set – you have made me and my husband very happy!!

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