The snowy weather has brought out the hoarder in all of us.
What is it about the white stuff that gives us all a ‘lack’ mentality? Like we have to closely guard what we have in case it runs out?

I noticed this whilst moving through the week. First my daughter seems to be storing a collection of gloves in her car seat. Normally there is just 1 pair in her pocket. She has increased the amount she is carrying threefold.

Then my own odd behaviour. I can’t help buying two of everything in the supermarket! My shopping list says ‘rice’ or ‘custard’ because I’ve used up one packet. But I am reaching for two off the shelf to replace the one I used!

I’ve saved the best for last. Then there is my cat. She was hoping to create a stockpile but I nipped it in the bud. We found a dead mouse that she’d brought in. This in itself isn’t unusual, we often find kitty ‘presents’ on the floor by the door – but where she had put it is. She’d taken it to the back of the TV, raised herself up with her little furry paws and placed the ‘toy’ she planned to enjoy later onto the back of the TV cabinet!

It seems our furry friends like to hoard their treasures as much as the rest of us!

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