I recently returned to college to complete a part time course in Photoshop techniques – I’ve gone ‘back to school’!

This is me at my computer on my first day:

Back to school JuggleMum

So far I’ve learned more in just a few short lessons than I have in a couple of years of dabbling with Photoshop and trying to figure it out for myself.  It is a really difficult package to learn and there are so many tools and techniques, as well as terms that are unfamiliar (would you know what an elliptical marquee was if you weren’t a Photoshop whizz?)  Well I do now!!

So far I’ve learned how to remove an object from a photograph (like a chair or person in the background), remove red eye (the professional way so there is still life in the subject’s eyes and not just by clicking the ‘adjust red eye’ tool), I can change the colour of the sky in a photo (to make a grey day into a bright, sunny one), and also how to correct a photographs’ colour, for example if it was scanned in and has a funny hue over the image.

Next time we will do that technique where you can turn a colour photograph into a black & white one then pick out an object in the photo and give them back their colour, so they stand out as a colour object within a black & white frame.  I bought a large framed print from IKEA that has this effect- now I’ll be able to do it for myself!

I have to say I am soooo enjoying being a student again albeit for just an afternoon a week.  I am the class swot, I always get a seat at the front and am scribbling notes throughout the lesson, with my own take on things so I can easily re-create what I learned at home.

It’s just a shame I won’t get a graduation(!) I so enjoyed my last one!!
Nadine Graduation

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