This week we got our flight confirmations through for our next holiday and it got me thinking about my holiday wardrobe.

This will be the first holiday I’ve taken where I can wear a size 12 dress (A size 12 anything to be exact!) but I love fashion, always have, and I want to look totes amazeballs on my hols when I waltz in to the restaurant or bar wearing a tiny little black number.

Last week my family and I went out for Mother’s Day lunch and my 10 year old wore a beautiful little black dress. She looked so pretty and will definitely be taking this when we go away. I also had on a black dress that day but mine was of the long, floaty variety. It looked nice but as the dress is about 18 years old (practically vintage!) it didn’t feel very special to wear.

Here we are in our black dresses!
Me & my daughter

Having shed so much weight, I’m looking at the High Street through fresh eyes now, because my shape has changed and I can now go into shops that I wouldn’t have tried before, as I knew that their clothes wouldn’t fit. I’ve been looking at these evening dresses from Bank Fashion where I wouldn’t have dreamed of going before. They have a great selection and even though there are still some dresses there that are a bit too racy for me, I have seen a couple of beautiful LBDs that I want to try on. One with a peplum detail from Lipsy and a lace skater dress which is from a range by one of the TOWIE girls!

I’m definitely going to buy a new LBD for my upcoming holiday and I will post of shot of me in it on this blog when I’ve worn it. But I’ve still got all my pre- holiday beauty maintenance to do before I can get the camera out. Maybe I should go have a fish pedicure again?!!

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