When Everyone Is Out…

I’d been saving up for months because I had a little something I wanted to buy. Every time I earned some money, I’d put it aside into my ‘Robot Fund’ but then one thing or another cropped up and I had to use the money for other household expenses. However a few weeks ago I managed to buy my robot. I call him ‘Robbie’!

He’s a household robot. He’s actually called an iRobot Roomba and you can get one from John Lewis. Your robot might be a girl. I chose to call mine Robbie, as my son’s teacher used a method called ‘Robbie Robot’ to teach phonics when he was in Reception, so the name was already in my head. Or you could just treat it like any other piece of household kit and not assign a character to it. But when you have one and observe it at work, setting off on its own to sweep up all your dust bunnies and bits of floor dirt, you can’t help but feel some affection towards it and give it a name!

Robbie is like my little daily cleaner, maintaning my home (well the floors at least!) and taking a job off my to do list. I never feel embarassed that my home is not ‘guest ready’ at any time with Robby at my bidding. I just whip a duster round once a week and keep on top of the kitchen daily and the bathrooms every few days, as is the habit. Robbie takes care of the rest.

Here he is bothering the cat:
cat looks

Cat looks… cat runs!
cat runs

You see, not everyone is delighted to see Robbie. My kids love him- they are fascinated when he takes off from his cradle with a little beep, and starts crossing the floor in a random manner- no straight lines or logic- just bouncing off the walls until he’s done the whole floor. Hubby couldn’t care less as long as I’m happy, but the cats don’t like him. They leave the room when he tootles off to start his daily clean!

As far as I’m concerned Robbie is here to stay, and until the kitties learn how to operate a vacuum cleaner and work on the floors for an hour a day, they’ll just have to get used to it!

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