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Have you seen those foot spas where the fish nibble your feet? Well I went to one this week!

A new place has opened up near where I live so my daughter and I went off to check it out on our girly day out!
When you first put your feet in, the fish swarm on them straightaway- it’s a bit weird. They really tickle and it’s an unusual sensation but after a few minutes you get used to it and it feels like bubbles are popping on your feet!
This is the fish close up..

The fish are called ‘Garra Rufa’ fish and they are native to Turkey. They are also known as ‘Doctor Fish’ because of the health benefits that they bring, and apparently they’ve been helping people with skin conditions since the 1800s.

The fish don’t have teeth- they kind of nibble you with their gums and suck away the dead skin. The sales assistant at the spa told me that they never seem to get ‘full up’ – the fish only need a 5 minute break and they can carry on eating all day!

Afterwards my feet did feel smoother in places, but there was still dead skin hanging off my feet! I must have had more than the fish could cope with in 15 minutes!

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  1. Professor of Denimology says:

    Imagine being reincarnated as one of those fish. Eat dead foot skin or starve to death – what a choice :D

    You're looking very slim in the photo, shrinking woman! xx

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