Father’s Day Moustache!

When I was a teenager I loved the girls magazines like Just Seventeen and More where they’d snap a picture of a teenage girl and her style then list where she’d bought it from.

It’s natural to enjoy people watching I think! Besides, these were the days before the web and Instagram existed so you’d feel like you were getting a sneak peek into someone else’s life for a moment. Plus there was always the chance you could copy off her style and find a new top that you wouldn’t have seen ordinarily!

So today on the school run, I decided to ask a friend to snap me and my son as we walked to school. Here is what I wore!
school run style Jun13

In the tradition of girls magazines, here is the list (Warning: in the tradition of being a mum, all my items are from last season or before so nothing will be available in the store now!) Here goes anyway:

  • Grey sequin stripe top, About £30, Next
  • Peach long vest, part of a set, £can’t remember, Next
  • Green spot bra (just seen), freebie from CybHer last year when I won it at the Freya stand
  • Blue jeans, I think they are from Cherokee at Tesco, £haven’t the foggiest, Tesco
  • Sparkle Birkenstock rip off sandals, from an outlet village on the way to Glasgow, just after Scotch Corner, £can’t remember, I’ve had them years!
  • Snazzy pink & black satchel, £ a blogger gift from CybHer ’12, The Leather Satchel Co
  • So there you have it! When I was a student at the London College of Fashion I seemed to have more money for clothes than I do now, and I wouldn’t have worn anything from years ago! But with my mix of freebies, supermarket purchases and a bit of High Street, hopefully I scrub up ok!

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