Making memories is what I’m interested in. I want to capture life. I love taking photographs and even better, looking back at them in the future when the subjects in the picture have grown, or when you have re-decorated and the picture then looks quaint and old fashioned.

Every day there are photo opportunities, but we rush through the day in a never ending list of ‘To Dos’ and miss them all! So my aim this year is to notice them.

I’m actively trying to improve my photography skills. Until now I’ve been somewhat of a ‘snapper’, taking posed portraits of the kids, girls nights out and family holidays. But what I really love is to see a picture that makes me feel something. I like a picture to tell a story, about the people in it, what they are doing and maybe what they are feeling. A picture isn’t just a fact of what ‘is’, it is also an insight into other people’s lives, and over time a collection of photos document a life, a family.

Here is my first attempt at photographic storytelling:
my 1st action shot at home

I love the warmth of this shot. The background is blurred so you can see it is an action shot- he was running out of the room. The ‘action’ draws you in, makes you part of the scene. Like a typical kid, he is wearing his favourite pyjamas- I love the ‘kid-ness’ of this picture. I love the innocence and the history, this comes from the heirloom furniture that you can see. I don’t know if all these qualities come across to you, someone who perhaps doesn’t know the history of each stick of furniture or not knowing the boy in the picture. But this is what this picture says to me. This year I hope to get better with my pictures, so I can convey the scenes that I want to translate, so my pictures enable people to see the world the way I do.

Inside my head is a really nice place to be, most of the time. Through years of practise, I’ve developed a way of processing the world that involves seeing the positive in any situation, looking for the beauty, letting go of the irritations, appreciating the people I have around me and being grateful. I love street photography and photos of inanimate objects displayed in order. I like symmetry but I also like visual chaos (although I like it contained to a photograph- not in my physical space!) I want to gather these all these emotions this year and display them on my blog whilst I learn photography. I hope you stay with me to see how I get on.

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