Games aren’t something we play much when we are past the ‘University drinking games’ years are they? But the recent Christmas break gave me a chance to have a dabble into some games – fun for fun’s sake, and I have to say I was a little hooked.

My hubby has the game Solitaire which I haven’t played for years, but with the usual routine suspended temporarily and the ‘big day’ was spent with family at their home so we had less organising to do, I found myself able to get away and curl up with the iPad to play game after game in a bid to beat my high score.

Like any addiction, it took hold straightaway and I’d finish one game, getting tantalizingly close to winning, I’d start another, trying to finish it this time! I eventually managed to beat my high score on a particularly good winning streak – finishing in 2 minutes 47 seconds without any hints which I thought was excellent… until my 10 year old shaved 20 seconds off this time a few days later!

Solitaire was my ‘drug’ of choice this Christmas. I didn’t get into any other games and I’m still useless at walking the tightrop on the Wii (My kids love this). But if I did get time to try out another kind of computer gaming, I fancy giving online bingo a try. I used to go to the bingo hall with my mum years ago but since the smoking ban came into force and cleared out most of the punters from a weekly ‘eyes down’, the prize money started getting worse so we stopped going. I reckon they all started playing online instead!

Now that we are in January and the school run has begun and we are back into daily life, I’ve kicked my Solitaire addiction. I think my hubby is pleased to get his iPad back in any case!

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