This video made me laugh when I watched it… “Come on lads, we’re in!”


The monkeys scurry in and out of the house with the Samsung fridge like teenagers at an all night party- raiding the food and leaving nothing for ‘mum’! Plus, they run off with her best sheepskin too!

This is what it is like at my house.  I stock up the cupboards with my ‘big shop’ once a week and top this up with several trips inbetween.  This week I’ve already had to re-stock the jam and chocolate spread as Pancake Day yesterday turned my kids into sweet toothed monsters.  I had absolutely no chance of getting a vegetable down them yesterday and my daughter who has school dinners announced that if they serve pancakes for lunch she’s having them then too (in addition to her breakfast and tea which were pancakes!)

But I had to envy the fridge in the video. As a ‘neat freak’ myself, I appreciate good organisation and I loved all the separate compartments that meant storing the food was neat and easy to get at with no dead space. It made things really easy for the monkeys to see what they were getting – just like my own little monkeys know exactly what is in the house!

If you want to learn more about Samsung’s products, check them out here:

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Samsung but this doesn’t affect the story – the day of only eating pancakes did actually happen!!

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