Is my son pulling a fast one?
He came home all of a sudden declaring a need to wear glasses!
Thing is, since the day he decided he needed glasses (about 2 weeks ago), he hasn’t mentioned them since!

I decided to get him an eye test, because I was concerned that he said the ‘letters were jumping about’, so I booked him in with the local optician who we saw yesterday.

After a thorough check, he’s absolutely fine! Apparently he’s a little long sighted but this is common in kids his age (He’s 5) and it is not enough to warrant glasses or any other treatment. I was pleased and so was he when he got a Spongebob Squarepants sticker for being good afterwards!

I’m glad that we didn’t need to get glasses for him as I had glasses when I was about 8 for short sightedness. I had those ‘National Health’ glasses (remember those?!) and I was only supposed to use them for the blackboard at school. However I was a bit lazy and found it easier to keep them on all the time, instead of using as needed. This made me reliant on them and until my late twenties, I was a spectacle wearer ever since.

I did try contact lenses at one stage. I had the gas permeable lenses which were hardwearing but very uncomfortable. The daily disposables weren’t around at the time, or I’d have used the Acuvue contact lenses for comfort. Eventually, after years of having my glasses steam up when I went from a cold environment to a warm one, and having to keep my specs by the bed at night so I could see if I needed to get up, I went for laser surgery and haven’t looked back since! My laser treatment was part of an overhaul I gave myself, which included my fixed metal braces. Here is the post where I had them taken off!

When you don’t wear glasses, you can buy nice sunglasses for your holiday without having to have them made ‘prescription’. You can enjoy hat wearing too, without worrying that there is too much going on in the face area, and if it looks right!

If either of my children need glasses in the future then so be it. For now though, I hope the only ‘jumping around’ that goes on with their schoolwork is the jumping for joy I’ll be doing when I see a great report card at the end of the year!!

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