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Product Name: Funky, Bold Kitchen Essentials by QVC
Buy Online Here: www.QVCuk.com Or use the Orderline
Price: £16.92 for the set of spoons, £21.84 for the set of knives
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Here is my picture of the spoons and knives and I just had to show you a spoon in action! If you look closely you’ll see it in the pan!

The 2 Products I tested were:
Lori Greiner Set of 4 ‘No Mess’ Kitchen Utensils with Silicone Handles, Item Number 759189
Kuhn Rikon Peek A Boo Knife Sharpener & 2 Piece Knife Set, Item Number 831341
The blurb: The Knives: Make your knives last longer using this knife sharpener and two-piece knife set from Kuhn Rikon. The knife sharpener is perfect for refreshing your current knife collection, and is suitable for all blades (except serrated). You’ll also get a paring knife and a chef’s knife crafted from Japanese steel, renowned for its precision and durability. Plus, thanks to their non-stick and non-corrosive coated blades, you can chop and dice food with ease.
The Spoons: Make messy cooking a thing of the past with this set of four cooking utensils from Lori Greiner. They’re designed to hang on the rim of most pots, pans and serving dishes so you don’t leave mess on surfaces and tables by putting them down. Your hands are protected from heat with silicone grips, and the spoons can be used when cooking and serving food.

Initial Thoughts: When the packet arrived from QVC I unwrapped all the items and immediately loved the sturdiness of the spoons! They felt substantial in my hand, not like some of the more ‘wimpy’ spoons I’ve had before! The knives looked almost plastic because they were red – even the blade was red, and for some reason this made me think it wasn’t as sharp as it obviously was, so I had to be careful putting it back into the protective cover. But the blades were a good size and I couldn’t wait until preparing the dinner to try them!

I Liked: On the night the utensils arrived were were having fajitas so I had chicken to chop up with the chef’s knife and some red and green peppers and an onion to slice with the paring knife. Immediately I could tell how sharp the blade was- it cut through the food easily with no ‘sawing’ required, which I’ve had to do in the past! The red coating on the blade of the knives make it non stick, but the blade is made of Japanese high carbon steel, so even though its colourful appearance makes the knife seem ‘friendlier’, make no mistake, it would be easy to lose a finger with this blade. I know I probably sound paranoid, but with young kids in the house, I’m hyper aware of kitchen dangers and because these knives are so colourful and attractive, they’d get the attention of young children who love colours, so be careful!

The spoons I used the next evening when we had a casserole, I’m one of those people who likes to tidy as they go in the kitchen whereas my husband tends to leave it all laid out on the side and tidies away afterwards. The spoons appealed to my tidy instincts, as I liked the fact that I could leave the spoon in the cooking pot and this meant no mess on my surfaces. I usually get out a small plate to rest my cooking spoons on during cooking – I used to have a spoon rest but no-one knows what happened to it! I suspect it got broken and no-one wants to own up, so I’ve used a side plate as an alternative until now. However this means I have one extra item to wash up at the end! Hey, every little bit takes up time that I could be spending doing something more fun than washing up or loading the dishwasher, so getting rid of my side plate means a thumbs up from me!!

I wasn’t Keen: There isn’t anything that disappointed me about these two products, hence my 5 out of 5 star review! If I was pushed to state something I’d just say to be aware that the colourful knives look plastic from afar but certainly aren’t when using them! But knives are supposed to be sharp so this can’t be a negative point!! Just to be aware for safety.

Overall: These kitchen items represent very good value for money and they look like they will last for years. My husband is a real ‘foodie’ and even he was very impressed with the knives and their precision. Spoons don’t float his boat as much- maybe this is a man thing?! But he could see how happy I was with them!

If you want to check out their colourful kitchen range for yourself, you can get the QVC Channel on Freeview Channel 16, Sky Channel 640, Virgin TV Channel 740 and Freesat Channel 800

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    Good review, i'm still loooking for another review for this http://www.hotkitchenware.com/2011/08/pur-ds-1800z-2-stage-water-dispenser/

    I want to buy this dispenser.


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